Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pam for Planet Cake : Basics 107

Day 1:

Something was telling me that I was going to have a good day. And I did. This morning, Anna-Maria, Michelle and I decided to indulge ourselves and had scrumptious German pastries and Adriano Zumbo's for breakfast before class. Today was Anna-Maria's last day at Planet Cake before she goes on her long-awaited holidays. We were rather sad to see her go.. It would have been nice to be able to have her for the whole course, especially for the covering tomorrow (which, by the way, is known to be the most difficult cake to cover our of all the cakes being taught at PC!). But as the wise man would say, you gotta live in the present, so all the worries will just have to be save for later.

An interesting fact about the vase - it actually took us all morning plus after lunch time to ganache the whole cake, which is longer than all the other cakes we've done up till now. Unsurprisingly, it was a day full of challenges, which, sadly and unintentionally, I have somehow set for myself. 30 minutes into class, as my tapered vase was starting to form, we spotted the problem. I had sliced too much off the cake, which means that I had to 'glue' the off-cuts back on again with ganache. Soon after, it was obvious that my cake was one of the tallest and slimmest in class - a.k.a. good luck with the covering, Pam, it's gonna be a miracle if you could get the icing on tomorrow!!!

Ganaching this thing was also awkward. There were many things to

consider: the slope, the tapered top, the off-set corners. Can't say it was a fun process, although the end results were utterly satisfying!

During the afternoon, Anna-Maria taught us how to make water lilies/ lotus. But after much consideration, I decided that the usual 'under the pond' theme wasn't going to do it for me (come on, it wouldn't be right if I was too easy on myself!), so I was trying to come up with a more "unique" design. First, I thought about adding new elements to what's already been done in the previous classes.. May be adding a frog or goldfish to it or something. But I don't like frogs and find goldfish a bit boring.. **SIGH** Then I thought about doing ocean theme. BING! CORALS! STAR FISH! SEA TURTLES! NEMOS! But.. but.. what about the lotus? Lotus don't grow in the ocean - do they?? May be it could be a cast-away lotus? May be someone dropped the lotus? DROP THE LOTUS.. Yes!!! I'm gonna drop the lotus! No one said that they've gotta go on the cakes! **evil grin**

Damn! I've already given too much away! Anyway, let's hope that I'm going to be able to pull this off this weekend! I'll let you know how things go on Sunday =)

Nighty nighty xx


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