Thursday, September 22, 2011

Basics 108 - the results!

Day 3:

Wow! I can't believe that all eight of us have managed to finished our cakes on time despite all the hiccups in between! They're all so fantastic! So amazing! So breathtakingly beautiful! One of the hardest cakes has now been completed and with no unfortunate disasters too! I am so incredibly proud of myself and my classmates! Congratulations, everyone!!!

Since this is the last class I have with Jess (and Kylie, our awesome facilitator!), I want to talk a bit about her. Jess and I have had many wonderful 'first moments' together: first flowers, first round, first square and first novelty. And I'm really glad to have had such a knowledgable and patient teacher teaching me all the basics and foundation. I'm glad to have had her support and encouragement throughout these two months. So thank you, Jess, for everything <3

Before the end of the day, we all shared a special moment - Mary, one of our lovely fellow students, has finally completed the entire basics series today!!! Well done, Mary!

So just in case you were all wondering, yes, I did manage to finish my "crazy cake" (as described by Ellie)! Woohoo! The hand-painting came out really well - although the set-up of the cake was just a tiny bit wonky. Oh, and check out my hand-made African mask, lol! xx


Sabriam - said...

wow, that's gorgeous!!!!

Tudor Elena Cristina said...

este superb!!!!felicitari!!

»★«D╬Álicious»★« said...

WOW thats really amazing :o

Greetings from germany »★«D╬Álicious»★«

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