Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Basics 106 - A whole new set of challenges

Day 1:

Have you ever seen zombie movies? You know how the zombies kind of walk around aimlessly and making stupid noises? THAT is exactly how I've been feeling today. The problem is that cakes give me nightmares

- It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. I love making, decorating and eating them, but they give me such a heartache that I can no longer sleep or eat properly! I'm the sort of person who almost always knows exactly what and how they want things to go in life, at least for that particular moment in time anyway. So when it's left to us to design our own cakes with no specific guidelines or structure, I feel like crap. For the past two days, all I've been doing is wondering what I'm going to do with my Basic 106 cake. At night, I laid awake staring into the dark, dark gloomy miserable ceiling, thinking about cakes and sleep and then more cakes, which resulted in the lack of sleep. Thousands of ideas run through my mind but none stood out from the rest. Damn! What am I going to say to my lovely Anna-Maria tomorrow?

So when I walked into class this morning and everyone was talking about what exciting things they're planning to do, I felt like throwing my ganache out the window. Should I go for the cute and cuddly? The bright and bold? Or perhaps the elegant and beautiful? Hell, I wasn't even sure what colours I will be using! I'm not going to lie to you, this is probably the most exhausted I've felt since my arrival.

All the physical work, the adrenaline rush and the constant focus is seriously wearing me down, but I want to do this so badly and I NEED to do it well. All these cakes will contribute to my portfolio, not to mention being posted on the internet for people to admire and criticize. There is really no room for mistakes.


On the bright side, I've discovered a new toy today! I got a chance to use one of those mega long metal scrapers to smooth my ganache this morning and it was AWESOME!!! Everything was going well and we were about to have lunch and then - BAM! - I made a really stupid mistake on what was, only a second ago, a beautifully ganached cake! I'd forgotten that I'd already removed the supporting board at the top of the cake, so I ended up taking chunks off it!


Good news? Well, while I was looking through Anna-Maria's folder for inspiration, I stumbled across a few lace designs that I liked.

Suddenly, it all came running! These wonderful ideas just kept rushing through my tired mind and it felt great! Sorry, I'm not going to tell you what the design is, you will just have to wait and see =) But I can tell you that I've gone for a black and white theme.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon designing our cakes and making our own flowers. Hey, did you hear that? WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR OWN FLOWERS!!! (I went for lilies) Tres excited about tomorrow! xx


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