Sunday, July 26, 2009


Congratulations to our July Foundation Class, this course is held for 5 intensive days, students are required to complete Basics 101 - 103 as well as other modules including, piping, baking and modeling. Most of our students have ambitions to become commercial cake decorators and I think they have every chance of giving PC a run for our money, these are spectacular results, congratulations guys I would be thrilled if a Planet Cake trainee produced this quality of work!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 11.07.09

On Thursday night Planet Cake had our annual party

Here we all are celebrating, Planet Cake just keeps growing and growing!

Well besides our party being the biggest news this week, Greg Cleary has been here teaching his ‘Perfect Peony’ workshops with AM facilitating, which have both sold out! He is half way through the second workshop now with a dynamic group of students, who are doing brilliantly and we are expecting really sensational results at the end. Check out Linda Harden, she is just a one woman cake machine. Greg teaches so thoroughly and brilliantly in his on unique way, I already have a list of people who want to do another workshop with him, he really is the best and I love having him at Planet Cake, greg has hinted that his next PC workshop will be all about ROSES!

Margie has been up to her old tricks again, slacking off this week and creating these disgusting cakes, I mean who wouldn’t be embarrassed…..I am going to have to have a word with her, she wins the award and now this, what next?

I will leave you with Antony and my chihuahua Minky (don't worry shes not allowed in the kitchen) Have a great week!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 04.07.09

Greg Cleary will be arriving this week for 2 x back to back 3 day sugar flower workshops, his facilitator will be the lovely Anna Maria Roche and the workshops are booked out. It is so lovely to have such a dear friend return to Planet Cake, I personally cannot wait for the workshops to begin!

Margie created an amazing birthday cake this week for Spice News ~ great work by Margie and a seriously impressive cake

I would like to introduce our latest casual staff member Stuart Girling, Stuart started as a Facilitator on Sunday assisting Jessica with her Basics 102 class, he did a fabulous job and will be facilitating many more classes in the future, great work Stuart, welcome aboard! Stuart has been decorating for well over a year he has a history as a Chef and we were introduced to Stuart when he attended the Foundation workshop last year, he has a great eye and unique creative perspective, I am confident he will become a valuable addition to our team.

I would like to give a special thank you Anna Maria in the last 2 weeks she has taught and 3 new workshops and the Madhatter, these are all at our most advanced level for our most advanced students, she not only performed very well but her workshops in terms of design, timing and outcomes were spot on, thank you very much Anna Maria, I have already started receiving feedback from delighted students and I am sure there will be much more, to my knowledge there is no decorating school in the world that is pumping our this level of complexity and quality with such incredible results, I feel exceptionally proud. I would also like to compliment our students who really stepped up to the plate and attempted their workshops with the creative and professional attitude required at this level of cake decorating, the results speak for themselves, and in their own right were exceptionally good and will become positive advocates for our craft.

Basics Masters – Topsy Turvey

Basics 109 – Madhatter

Finally the week ended with one of my most memorable occasions at Planet Cake thus far as Norita Abdullah and Linda Harden graduate from the Basics Series, completing every single one of the 10 workshops to become Planet Cake Master’s, this effectively means they have received training for every modern cake shape with exception or the hexagon.

Have a great week everyone, I very much look forward to an exciting week ahead!

Paris x

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morning Show

Another birthday cake for the Channel 7, Morning Show to celebrate their 2nd birthday by Margie,

Featuring figurine hosts Kylie & Larry blowing out the Channel 7 candle (stroke of genius Margie)

Planet Cake Week Ending 27.06.08

We have had a very busy week at Planet Cake with the Basics series coming to conclusion after teaching all month, we have had students with us from all over Australia and Singapore producing some of the best cakes I have seen in a long time, I am really confident that these students will be going back to their own businesses and taking cake decorating to a new level - great stuff!

Its a WRAP - Planet Cake's first Basics 107 class graduates with some amazing Wrap Cakes, this class teaches students how to construct cover and decorate an inverted cake, they also made their own sugar flowers - no mean feat and they pulled it off brilliantly with Anna maria Roche Teaching!

Norita & Linda complete Basics 108 with Anna Maria

We will have an amazing week coming up as we climax with the Basics series (101 to Masters) and we have 2 students completing Masters who will have completed every single workshop in the series, I feel so emotional about this I could blub. This week they are learning Basics 109 (the Madhatter) and Masters (the topsy turvy)photos will be on the way soon.

P.S. I forgot about this gorgeous cake by Margie last week, how sweet is this?