Thursday, July 2, 2009

Planet Cake Week Ending 27.06.08

We have had a very busy week at Planet Cake with the Basics series coming to conclusion after teaching all month, we have had students with us from all over Australia and Singapore producing some of the best cakes I have seen in a long time, I am really confident that these students will be going back to their own businesses and taking cake decorating to a new level - great stuff!

Its a WRAP - Planet Cake's first Basics 107 class graduates with some amazing Wrap Cakes, this class teaches students how to construct cover and decorate an inverted cake, they also made their own sugar flowers - no mean feat and they pulled it off brilliantly with Anna maria Roche Teaching!

Norita & Linda complete Basics 108 with Anna Maria

We will have an amazing week coming up as we climax with the Basics series (101 to Masters) and we have 2 students completing Masters who will have completed every single workshop in the series, I feel so emotional about this I could blub. This week they are learning Basics 109 (the Madhatter) and Masters (the topsy turvy)photos will be on the way soon.

P.S. I forgot about this gorgeous cake by Margie last week, how sweet is this?


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