Monday, April 20, 2009

Sydney Royal Easter Show 09.04.09

Handi won the “Creative

On the opening day of the show Billy, Lauren, Jessica and Anna Maria went out to the show as part of our sponsorship commitment to hold demonstrations. It was an incredible experience for Planet Cake and Jessica and Anna Maria were demonstrating cupcakes from the book all day with a wonderful response from the general public, all the cupcakes made were given away to members of the audience. It was a great day for Planet Cake and a wonderful experience to meet so many people and share with the our passion for cake decorating. There are so many incredible photos I just picked the ones I thought best represented the day. Enjoy!

This last photo is my all time favourite photo

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 10.04.09

Margie painted this cake for a very important client celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary, her three children and 4 grandchildren and partners were flying in from around the world to celebrate. She wanted Antony to design her something special to reflect such an important occasion, Antony designed this incredible cake which Margie painted with all her family members on the trapeze to represent the ‘circus’ that is our life and family. Both the design and painting were superb, this is a couture cake like no other; it is this type of work makes me exceptionally proud of Planet Cake, as you can imagine the client was thrilled to Betsy.

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 18.04.09

This gorgeous cocker spaniel was created by Margie this week for clients who were getting married, their children begged them to allow their dog to come to the wedding, the parents refused but as a surprise will be having this as their wedding cake, the children will be very surprised when they realize that they will get to eat their dog rather than cuddle it!

I often wonder why everyone who works at Planet Cake’s gets cornered at dinner parties but then I remember that the type of work we do does not happen in the every day lives of most people - “is it really true that you make cakes from peoples tattoos” well yes it is and Margie did a fantastic job recreating this one!

A mermaid cake ordered by a man who cannot spend enough money on his wife, lucky Katy gets a fabulous cake from Margie, gets to see herself as Ariel and has a fabulous man who cannot spend enough money on her, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!

An amazing painted cake by Margie for a children’s book writer and illustrator, these are replicas of the pictures in her books. The client came to collect the cake today and she was absolutely floored, she loved it, particularly Margie’s diving poo which was dead on the money!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Weeks 21.03.09 & 28.03.09

I have been completely slack and not posted an update for 2 weeks, which I know most of you would not have noticed, but to those that do I apologise I am just snowed. The good news is that there are so many great cakes to see all at once!

I think the pick of all the cakes just for pure wow factor is definitely Margie’s “George’ to my knowledge Margie is the only cake decorator who creates these types of cakes and I have included a photo of Margie so you can see the scale. I would love to be at George’s birthday party because I don’t think his guests are going to stop talking about this cake!!

The amazing cakes just keep coming, a carousal created by Margie for a very lucky little girls christening, I have included the actually carousel that we used as the reference to give you some scale – pretty amazing. The client was absolutely over the moon and blown away!

A gorgeous cupcake castle and stand from Anna Maria with painting by Margie, truly beautiful and very original!

How cool is this Kung Fu Panda by Margie? I think these novelty cakes are taking cake decorating into the next dimension; it is absolutely perfect in almost every aspect.

Finally some lovely feedback for a cake that Anna Maria made for Country singer Felicity Urquhart who was married in March in Vanuatu to her gorgeous husband Glen.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for the wonderful cake, it was a HIT!!!! Stopped traffic all through the airports and plane! Sarah (our courier) felt like a celebrity"

Thank you for the Magic!

Sydney Royal Easter Show - Cake Competition

This week will be exciting for Planet Cake as we participate in the Sydney Royal Easter Show (see attached interest article) as sponsors for the first time; this means we are the official sponsors of the “Creative Cake” category in the cake decorating competition and where all other competition categories will be offering $50 prize money Planet Cake will be offering $1000 to the winner of our category (shake it up baby!). As part of our sponsor commitments a posse of PC staff will be attending the arts preview night on Tuesday night where all of the winners should be announced. This is important to Planet Cake on a completely different level as Anna Maria and Handi have both entered as private competitors. Planet Cake will also be appearing at the Royal Easter show on Thursday the 9/4/09 where Jessica and Anna Maria will be holding demonstrations and tutorials all day.