Monday, April 20, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 18.04.09

This gorgeous cocker spaniel was created by Margie this week for clients who were getting married, their children begged them to allow their dog to come to the wedding, the parents refused but as a surprise will be having this as their wedding cake, the children will be very surprised when they realize that they will get to eat their dog rather than cuddle it!

I often wonder why everyone who works at Planet Cake’s gets cornered at dinner parties but then I remember that the type of work we do does not happen in the every day lives of most people - “is it really true that you make cakes from peoples tattoos” well yes it is and Margie did a fantastic job recreating this one!

A mermaid cake ordered by a man who cannot spend enough money on his wife, lucky Katy gets a fabulous cake from Margie, gets to see herself as Ariel and has a fabulous man who cannot spend enough money on her, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!

An amazing painted cake by Margie for a children’s book writer and illustrator, these are replicas of the pictures in her books. The client came to collect the cake today and she was absolutely floored, she loved it, particularly Margie’s diving poo which was dead on the money!


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