Monday, January 12, 2009

Margie's Pat the Dog

Hi Planet Cake Team
Thank you very much for doing such a great job with our cake this weekend - BRILLIANT! You really captured Pat the Dog and everybody at the party was just amazed by it. Most importantly, Anna was over the moon. Thank you.
I thought I would share two photos which I think really capture just how thrilled she was with your excellent work.
The first captures the moment the Cake was unveiled... and the second, well, it speaks for itself.
Off to the outback now... and thanks again.
Best wishes
Richard and Nicole

Planet Cake update - Week Ending 10.01.09

Hi Everyone

We had a great week at Planet Cake last week; I hope that you did as well, AM is on holidays but the rest of the team was rearing to go. It has all been about Melbourne this week, the guys were busy and as a special treat we had Fran McGregor up from Melbourne up for training. It was fantastic having Fran here working as part of the team, she was able to really lend a hand with a few cakes, apply her flower making skills and kept us all laughing, I am personally extremely excited about the success of our courses in Melbourne and thrilled to have Fran on board.
Our other Melbourne moment was a wedding cake for Melbourne AFL Kangaroos player Jess Sinclair and pop singer Chantelle Delaney. We made the wedding cake with a fair amount of skepticism, but he did a gorgeous job and Antony and I love it as it was designed to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, say no more! The latest update about Chantelle is that she has broken her finger and dropping a dress size for the big day check out the age for further important info,21985,24889285-5012974,00.html

The cakes this week were really good; I would like to pass a special compliment to Jessica for her fine work with your funky twist cake, you work is really coming along Jess! I would like to thank Fran for her awesome hydrangea making and application, transforming the Hydrangea cake into a delicate jewel. However the cake of the week was without a doubt, Margie’s Pat the dog, Pat is a special dog in that she lives in country NSWand has won numerous prizes for her dog races and trials, I think Margie did such a fabulous job of not only replicating her but bringing her to life, but that’s the magic of Margie’s work!

Paris Hilton

Planet Cake was lucky enough to be asked to make a cake and present it to Paris Hilton at a party in Sydney on NYE called the Bongo Virus party. Paris Hilton was reportedly paid hundreds of thousands to appear at the party and hundreds of people paid for tickets to see her. Margie raced back to work after her holidays and spent 3 days (that’s all we had) making Paris’ cake which required a huge amount of skill and concentration. The bongos are self explanatory but I think the cutest part of this cake is Paris' dog Tinkerbell!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Planet Cake 2008 Flash Back

Happy New Year!!

What a year is has been, the Planet Cake roller coaster ride never stops, so I thought I would pause and have a little retrospective of all that has happened in 2008 before we embark on 2009.

After making Celine Dion’s 40th birthday cake in March, we had the Bobby Gold Smith Bake Off in June as well as our Awards dinner with Handi Mulyana winning Planet Cake’s Employee of the Year. Then I finished writing our first book in July which should be in book stores in March 09(including USA and UK). In August the markets started to tailspin and despite my concerns we continued at full speed. In the month’s since then we have been making cakes for the biggest events in the country including Paspaley Polo, Women’s Weekly, Grazia Magazine, SMH Traveler Magazine and TV shows such as Chanel 7 Morning Show, Make Me A Super Model & Sydney Weekender. In addition to Celine Dion we have had the privilege of making cakes for celebrities such Elka Graham, Guy Sebastian, Jennifer Hawkins, Grant Hackett, Holly Brisley & Steve Price. To end the year on New Years Eve we even made a cake for Paris Hilton's NYE party, more about that later…..

We have been incredibly privileged and have all worked very hard to make this all happen. When I reflect I feel very happy about all of the press we have received and amazing cakes we have made however what gives me the most pride and joy is our cake decorating school and 2009 sees us expanding into Melbourne possible other states and hopefully Asia. Cake decorating workshops have continued in popularity and we are constantly updating our curriculum to meet student demands. In 2008 we have had students travelling from all over Australia as well as USA, Brazil, Ireland, NZ, Hong Kong and Singapore so I feel very excited about the future and reaching our goal of creating an alive and thriving cake decorating community. To top the year off on 21/12/08 we had our annual Christmas Charity Cupcake drive, this year along with our staff and 60 volunteers we made 3500 cupcakes for Sydney’s homeless, wow!

Thank you to everyone who worked with me, full time staff, facilitators, part-time staff, supporters, friends, students and valued customers, for believing in Planet Cake and helping us reach some really important goals, most importantly our book and I could not have done it without such a supportive and talented team

I have taken a few moments as I sit in Planet Cake on my own (what a sad case I am) to reflect on all of the cakes in the last year, it goes without saying that there were many great cakes, however I forced myself to choose what I thought were the best, based on a combination of design and execution and of course my opinion, I am sure I have missed some beauties but this is what I came up with:
Biggest Cake (& my husband Billy)

Best Baby Cake:

Best Childrens Cake:

Best Funky Figurines:

Best Little Cakes:

Best Cascades:

Best BIG tiered cakes:

Best Realistics:

Best Vehicle:

Best Shoe Box :

Best Corporate Cakes:

Best Animal Cakes:

Best Painted Cakes:

Best Madhatters:

There were so many more cakes, including some of my favorites but there are too many to mention here, I am really looking forward to facing 2009 with all of you you and making this a successful and prosperous year, onwards and upwards.

Thank you for the magic

Paris X