Saturday, September 10, 2011

Latest Creations

Phew, it's been a hectic couple of months in here (then again when isn't it?) but with the Basics and Novelty Marathons now behind us, we are gearing up for the spring wedding season. That's right; spring time in the cake world is not only about flowering blooms, the emergence of pasty winter legs and hay fever, but The Spring Bride. Having taken a peek inside our order book, I can promise you this year is set to be ultra classic and beautiful, and I can't wait to begin sharing our newest designs with you.

In the mean time, things are definitely getting a little bit mental back in the kitchen of late...Check out our latest:

So we all know that cake pops are all the rage, and while admittedly we were a little slow at catching on to that one, I think we've more than made up for it by taking them to the next level - the Dog Pop! Unfortunately the photographs really don't do these guys enough justice, they were just so damn cute.

Intern Shell, flexed her Funky muscles this week. These guys look simple, but those of you who have ever tried to make them will know that they are anything but. Not too Shabby Shell, not too shabby at all.


Dharma said...

I always asombrais absolutely beautiful recent work. Congratulations and greetings

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