Monday, September 26, 2011

Basics 109 - it's time for the madhatter!!

Ah, the infamous mad hatter cake, taught by our very own "CC"! This little beauty is definitely the devil in disguise. While many of us actually found this course easier than the Basics 108 (or even the Basics 107), we were not left without complications. Firstly, it's tapered. Secondly, it's top-heavy. This means that covering this cake was relatively challenging as you can easily tear the icing if not careful. Another very important thing to consider is the angling of the top tier because if this is not done correctly, the cake will not look "right". I for one did not manage to get the "perfect look" but that's ok. I'm here to learn, after all.

Funnily, a lot of us found the bows difficult! Lol!

Once again, this was my last lesson with CC, whom will be dearly missed. CC has taught me many novelty and basics courses and he's truly a great teacher. He's always there for the students, spending most of the time giving us guidance and assistance, even if it means that he doesn't get his own cakes finished or perfected - now THAT's dedication! His calm and relaxing manner also help us to feel more reassured. So thank you, CC, for making my time here so wonderful and full of laughter!

Half the class will now go on to do our Basic Masters next week - so watch out for beautiful photos and terrifying moments! I can't believe that my time here is nearly up.. It's certainly been a great journey - one that I'll never forget!

Better get packing now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! xx


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