Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 2 and 3 of Basics 106 - Pam's Springtime results...

Greetings, once again! Can you believe it? It's the middle of the week already! What exciting things have you guys been up to lately?

As for me, yeah, you guessed right, I've been caking it to the limit!

You know you need professional help when everything you see reminds you of cakes.. My shoulders are so sore from all the kneading that I can no longer feel the pain! One more problem - I've changed my mind about the design again so now I have no idea what to do with my life.

Looking around the room, everyone else has already started working towards their designs, then there was me, staring blankly at the walls and haven't got a clue about anything! So Day 2 for me pretty much consisted of covering and shimmering the cake.. Oh, and putting together my lilies and that was it!

So this morning, I went into class, depressed. Then I thought to myself, if the original ideas don't work - scrap it. After a while, I came up with another (vague) idea and started making up my own piping pattern, then tracing it, then transferring it onto my cake, then - NOTHING! There was literally NOTHING on the cake, no pattern, no pencil marks - just nothing! What the hell happened? I swear I was about to go into hyperventilation! Then Anna-Maria came to my rescue and helpfully told me that I had been using the WRONG pencil all along and "don't worry, honey, all you have to do is to start all over again (*reassuring smile*)"! Fine. Start again. BREATHEEEEEEE...

Second go! Didn't work either. The same lovely Anna-Maria then came over to rescue me again - only that there was nothing to rescue me from. The tracing wasn't going to work because of the shimmer on the cake.. Soooooo I basically wasted 2 hours of my precious life on something that was never going to work. Great. Fantastic. Awesome.

A while later, after my hands have stopped shaking from the earlier emotional breakdown, I started to pipe. In black. On white. Honestly, I'm starting to ask myself "why do you always go out of your way to make your life really really really difficult for yourself?!?" more and more often. Planet Cake has a nicer way to put it ("You like to set yourself a challenge"). So there I was, with bare minimum experience in piping, free-handing the crap out of it! I'm glad that I chose this pattern actually.. It's one of those designs that can't really go wrong because you could always add more things to it to make it look a bit better. By the end of it, I was simply too exhausted to appreciate the beauty of my own cake.

Everyone did so so well and I was incredibly proud of all of us. All the cakes looked absolutely amazing and I just couldn't believe how far we've come in terms of cake decorating! Would you like to see my cake? Here you go!

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NuNuZa said...

Well done the end result is fantastic!!!!! Love love love it!

Jenniffer said...

Wow! This cake is beautiful!!

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