Friday, January 28, 2011

Holy Cow it actually worked!!!!

Yep, it really, truly happened!!!!

After just a few short hours of sleep, Paris was back in the studio, Australia Day morning some time around 6am. While the rest of the country enjoyed a sleep in, blissufully unaware, we struck yet another hiccup, one which we had most certainly not bargained on. After hours spent trying to find a refrigerated truck big enough to ferry 800kg of Opera House cake extravagance, we faced the very real possibility that the cake would not actually make it inside the truck. But fit, it did and so began the final step in our most monumental project to date.

For those of you who weren't in Sydney, Australia Day morning, much to our dismay dawned much the same way as the entire last week, that is: hot (REALLY hot) and muggy. Or in other words, total and utter cake kryptonite. Against all odds, the cake actually made it to Sydney City's Martin Place in one piece (I'm attributing it to some higher cake power looking over us) where it appeared on Chanel 7's Sunrise.

HUMUNGOUS (think bigger than the cake) thank-you's to everyone who was involved. It truly was the most spectacular and magical experience Planet Cake has ever been involved in and none of it could have happened without the following people:

No.1 Our Volunteers!
Abeni Lawback, Amanda Eising, Belinda Smith, Deanne Cesario, Elizabeth Wright, Gemma Jennings, Jade Nguyen, Kate Jordan, Katrina Baldwin, Leticia Euston, Linda Hemmert, Marnee Pirri, Merlinda Montano, Meysienti Supandi, Michelle Arvaj, Morina Sutedja, Razilla King, Shannon De Costa, Trudy Harris, Vicki Keith and Laura Smith

And of course the entire PC crew who you know and love...together we really did make magic!

Some of the final moments of production 

Just four of the hundreds of miniature people

A very special volunteer whom we were very sad to say goodbye to

Margie helps Betty to relax ? 

A tired, yet VERY happy Paris 

Finally making it into the truck 

 AM, Margie and Paris discuss the possibility of the cake not making it out of the truck!

At last...eating the fruits of our labour!! 


The Sugar Cove said...

Great work. You should be very proud. High fives for everybody!

giovanna said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you guys for real??????

Chris said...

Great job. That takes a lot of effort and creativity. Congratulations!!!
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The Cakerator said...

That insane, what does something as massive and beautifully executed like that cost!

junewilliams7 said...

Did you say 800kg?? as in 1,764 pounds?? That's a humongous cake - a miracle that you moved it without mishap. Beautifully decorated, too. CONGRATULATIONS!!

(here via - you are a featured Sunday Sweet today)

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