Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day One - Kick Off!

We've been talking the talk for months now and today was the day to walk that walk! Dressed kill and ready for action (well as ready as we will ever be) the official Opera House team met our 20 fab volunteers today whom have flown in from all over the country to be part of the project.

We were mega excited to meet our group of uber-talented volunteers, all of whom have been painstakingly, hand-selected by team leader, Betty (above). After an initial meet and greet, thankfully, during which no one ran screaming from the building (and yes we were prepared it) we surprised the guys with a field trip to the Opera House itself. While we're all familiar with iconic landmark, to actually visit it is truly something spectacular. Our aim, besides an oppurtunity to sing bus songs, was to get the guys to really appreciate just how epic this project is and get a sense of the absolute magic of this architectural masterpiece.


With our mission accomplished it was back to PC to really get cracking on the nuts and bolts of how the next week is going to go...that said, we still have absolutely no idea ourselves!

It was definately one long, red bull fuelled day, only the first of many, and I know for a fact there are more than a couple of staff members at home this very minute quietly sipping a strong drink or two, but I for one know I will sleep well tonight knowing that our coolest, craziest, by-far-the-most-ambitious project to date has begun!

Meet the team !

In an effort to keep herself sane, Cat dons Margie's latest souvenir from NZ (yep they are what you think they are...AND they're made fromp possum fur)


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