Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Being in the business of wedding cakes, it's little wonder that Planet Cake has found itself firmly in the grips of Royal Wedding Fever. While some wait, bated breath to catch the first glimpse of Kate's dress and others weep at Wills official jump off the shelf, we make no secret here of being all about one thing: The Cake.
Like just about every aspect of the royal extravaganza, speculation abounds in regards to the cake. With umpteem million guests, one assumes there will be tiers to the ceiling, however even we can only guess at what else it has in store. If past royal experience is anything to go by, we can expect the cake to be classically beautiful, towering in size, yet traditional in all the right ways. While fruit and marzipan are de rigueur, having broken so many conventions already, I can't help but hope for something truly unique and a little cutting edge. While I will have to wait, like the rest of us mere mortals for tomorrow, I thought I would devote today to some of the truly amazing cakes of royal weddings gone by.

For me, the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip is everything a royal wedding cake should be. Impressively classic, with just enough touch of Rococo pomp.

Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace, pictured on their 1956 wedding day with the wedding cake, as effortlessly graceful as the beautiful couple.

One of the chief cooks, David Avery is pictured here with one of several of Charles and Diana's 1981 wedding cakes. Only recently, a former royal servant sold a 9'' slice of the marzipan-based cake which she had stored, wrapped in cling film for 27 years, for around $1300AUD. Traditional fruit cake with marzipan, this cake extravaganza was covered in white icing with a sugared onlay which featured the royal coat of arms.

Ah, one of my favorite royal stories of all, Prince Frederik and 'our Mary'! Like Princess Mary herself, the cake was both classic and feminine.


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