Monday, October 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Madhatter

Okay, as promised here are the finished products from Anna Maria's Alice in Wonderland Madhatter class, which we ran for the first time ever last week. Just amazing!




zhang said...

So many inspirational wedding cake designs. All of them look wonderful and cute. I like all of them. I really want to have one as my wedding cake. Really really fantatic!!!

Jacqueline Butler said...

Beyond! What an absolutely incredible, one of a kind class! Gorgeous work by all! Congratulations to the students, and kudos to Anna Maria for her fabulous teaching skills!

The Boudoir Betties said...

Great cakes! I was wondering where the Cheshire Cat came from? Were those hand painted or are they an icing transfer? If it is a transfer, can you tell me where they came from? I am trying to put together an Alice in Wonderland cake of my own.


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