Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THANK YOU Chris Philpott, Cake Decorators Guild

I have a BIG thank you I need to make. Like all cake shops sometimes we make a mistake (sheer horror) and like all decorators it is the worst thing imaginable when it happens as it usually involves someone’s wedding day. 2 weekends ago we spelt a name incorrectly on a cake that was sent to Carcoar. I rang the President: Secretary of the Cake Decorators Guild in Orange: Chris Philpott. Could Chris drop everything in the middle of 40 degree temperatures and go and fix this cake for us? Chris finished her day job running “Sugar Craft’ in Summer Street, Orange and travelled to Carcoar on the Friday night to inspect and fix the damage. I guess we need to be reminded sometimes how important it is to have decorating friends out there, especially when the chips are down, I could have kissed Chris and I certainly huge thank you to say to her and the Cake Decorators Guild. THANK YOU!!


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