Sunday, February 1, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 24.1.09

I hope you have a great week; we had a super hectic week at Planet Cake, in fact I am still recovering and I am sure the others are as well! Firstly we had our first Foundation Class which involved 8 students some who had never decorated a cake before arriving at Planet Cake for a week of training. All of the students did exceptionally well after getting over the initial shock of how physically demanding and difficult cake decorating can be. The reality really hit when they did Basics 102 and the square proved to be their nemesis. Basics 103 saw them really shine and the results can be seen for themselves – Something really special took place on Thursday and Friday with all of the students leaving on a high and very proud of their achievement, that’s what we want!

Last week despite the Foundation Course, soaring temperatures and Anna Maria being away, Margie and Jess managed to produce some great cakes.

Have a great weekend everyone, check out the attachment for the cake we made for a new Anti-Child Abuse campaign, although contreversial it is for a cause very close to my heart and we will be making a real life version of this cake to be presented to politicians in Canberra by asca.


angela & peter said...

I very much like the cake you have made for the ASCA, particularly the colour.... I'm curious though about the filling... it seems very thick on the outside - is it white choc ganache or buttercream? thanks, apm

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