Monday, February 23, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 21.02.09

It has been a really busy week at Planet Cake as we have reached some really important dates and are on our way to reaching others Firstly a BIG happy birthday for Planet Cake’s baby boy Cam Carter who turned 30 yesterday, I believe Cam celebrated this auspicious birthday with a class of milk and an early night – Cam we wish you another fabulous 30 years! We are also one week away from Planet Cake’s book being released (1/3/09); we will be making some props in the shop this week for book store window displays in Sydney CBD, very exciting!! Another important count down: it is exactly 1 month until Planet Cake teaches its first series of workshops in Melbourne. Don’t worry I am starting to take my rescue remedy!

The cakes this week were excellent, Margie surpassed herself with the most gorgeous Ariel mermaid ever, and another beautiful cascade. The castle was for a very lucky 4 year old, made beautifully by Anna Maria and figurine by Margie is confirms for me yet again that I was possibly born into the wrong family, what a fabulous cake. The interesting figurines on the extended cream one tier cake, were for a couple celebrating their marriage in Malaysia by hosting a party in Sydney, the bride is wearing a contemporary version of her traditional Malaysian wedding dress and the dapper groom sets the mood, figurines by magical Margie. A figurine with a camera by Margie is a great example of a very complex figurine.

Just two more things before I go to amuse you, the first is a photo of the Hydrangea cake made by Fran & Jess which nearly forced all three to slash their wrists, the photo was sent to me by Susan Stanford and I think is exceptionally beautiful – well done guys!

The send item is a link to a Planet Cake wedding cake competition being hosted by Polkadot Bride, people had to design their own wedding cake and Planet Cake is tol make the winning cake design– check out the design submissions.

Planet Cake wedding cake competition entries:

Thank you for the magic.


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