Monday, February 9, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 07.02.09

If you are in Australia then you would be feeling a tad hot today over 40 degrees in Sydney and Melbourne and fairly revolting elsewhere, this is not great for cake decorating and makes deliveries a nightmare, I hope everyone out there faired okay with no disasters only a few limp cakes. Antony had a brilliant day in sales, where he designed cakes for Philippino wedding, nudist beach goers, zodiac followers & master carpenters! The variety of wedding cakes people order these days is testament to the kaleidoscope of different tastes and interests people have, which is fabulous, I feel as cake decorators we are so lucky because it’s like being an emotional spice shop! Here is a picture of Antony in all his fabulousness, what is Antony holding?? Just teasing, it’s the only one we have, the book will be out in March!

Besides the excitement of seeing our first copy of the book, Planet Cake had some great workshops at Planet Cake this week, we had fun teaching the handbag in Novelty 103 and Anna Maria had a lot of fun teaching Novelty 104 the T-pot. The courses have been rewarding to teach and the classes during the week have had a smaller number of students than on the weekend which has allowed us more time to get to know our students a lot better and teach more intimately, the results of the classes speak for themselves, I don’t have a picture of the handbag so I threw in a photo of Stephanie from Basics 104 last week.

Photo from a client: I think these photos represent the best layout for cake photos I have seen for some time.

We sure had an unusual cake this week, it was designed by the couple themselves to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, created by Anna Maria who followed the clients design instructions to the letter, added to the complex figurines, the result is quite astounding! Jessica worked on beautiful orange and red cake, I love bright colours and I think this cake will look fabulous in a modern Sydney venue. I have attached a lovely full cascade created by Jess last week.

Courses: Next week we start off with Beginner Sugar Flowers and have Beginner Piping on Friday, then Basics 103 on the weekend!

Okay have a great weekend everyone and a big thank you to the team this week for a great performance – well done.

Thanks you for the magic

Paris x


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