Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just your typical week at PC

Love it or hate it you've got it to give it to Ritzy this is one helluva cake. We were thrilled this week to help Triple J thank the one and only Dr. Karl with what else - a remale reproductive system cake. We have made all manner of anotomical parts but this was definately a first and is hands down my favourite cake of the week.

With Christmas only a matter of 27 sleeps away - I know, I am frightening myself just writing this! - we decided to celebrate the festive season Planet Cake style with the appearance of our Christmas Smurfette on Chanel 7's Morning Show. Watch this space for the 2011 Christmas window display, it's going to be a cracker! 


thousand faces said...

wow fantastic..amazing nice your post..hehe
Sport BH

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