Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best of 2011

Every December I like to sign off with a look at the year that was, and this year has to have been the most difficult ever to narrow down the best of the best. The year started with one almighty bang when we dived head first, and quite frankly entirely unprepared, into creating the largest Opera House cake ever attempted (no biggie). Things pretty much escalated from thereon in and some of the most original, beautiful and innovative cakes of our history emerged from this year, even with the ever present cameras breathing down on our necks for a couple of months back in April.

Best Wedding

While I tried to limit it to two, I just could not decide between these ones. Believe it or not, despite the gorgeousness we are surrounded with for the most part, none of us here are particularly girly, but every one of us fell totally in love with this pink pearlised cake. For the wow factor, the prize definitely goes to Kim Veverka's invite inspired flamingo cake which looked unbelievable against the multicoloured backdrop of the Sydney Opera House foyer.


While we get a lot of feedback on the general fabulousness of our staff from the TV show, far and away the number one most talked about thing is The Orangutan Cake. Seeing this little guy staring out at us from the kitchen was just gob-smacking and I don't think there was one of us who wasn't a little devastated at the thought of him being cut up and eaten! Earlier in the year,


The touching reaction of the client who ordered Ritzy's funky lion cake compelled me to write about it on here not too long ago, but I just have to show it off again. The lazy legs and quirky smile made this cake just perfect. Children's cakes are really difficult to pull off and these one have just the right balance of cute and quirky.


Unfortunately I can't show you what can only be described as the coolest cakes we have ever made for a celebrity (you'll have to tune in to the show tonight for that reveal). My next two picks went to the Lady Gaga cake, if for no other reason that it was for Lady Freak'n Gaga (!!!) and Matt Preston's surprise birthday cravat cake.

While we're not finished quite yet, things are starting to wrap up after one very big year, only to be followed by a 2012 that's even more jam packed. Watch this space, we have some serious surprises up our sleeve!

Merry Christmas xx


Canterbury Cakes said...

WOW - your cakes are stunning!!! The orangutan cake is out of this world...

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Anonymous said...

The middle wedding cake was my favorite. I love the flowers climbing up the cake. It is gorgeous. The Gaga cake was something really different but I loved it.

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Do you have the plan of despicable cake with minions? I think it will be the best funny and cute cake.


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