Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just 6 Sleeps To Go!!!!

After months of cake craziness, bright lights and cameras, late nights and moments that left us wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into (!) the fruits of our efforts is just around the corner. With only a week to go until we invade your lounge room for thirty minutes every Wednesday night, we are pretty damn excited, and fingers crossed you guys are too.

While we had to keep mum about the eight enormous cake projects for the show’s media launch a couple of weeks back, I am thrilled to be able to share the photos with you now. These "couch potato" themed cakes were on display to hundreds of TV and media officials at the fabulous event held at iconic Sydney MCA, in the Rocks. As always, it was completely down to the wire getting these finished in time, and while it was a great touch to have the girls add finishing touches to the giant Foxtel remote at the event, it was also an entirely necessary touch! Each one of them was a serious feat of engineering, but the TV definitely took the cake (sorry) when it came to sheer size and wow factor. It took eight of us and more than a couple of less than glamorous words, to pick this baby up and transfer it to trusty Maz’s truck for delivery.

Paris and Lifestyle Channel General Manager, Nicole Sheffield get a piece of the action

Cat and Ant prove there is only one new black... and it's black

From left to right: Paris, Anna Maria, Shell, Naoko, Ritzi, Emma and Antony

For extra show bibs and bobs including articles, bio's, recipes, tips and programed show reminders, don't forget to "like" the Lifestyle Food Channel on their website:

It's funny how relative things get in here, that a pink pearlised, three-tier wedding cake, 1.5m long iPhone and realistic 'Masters Voice' can become just part of a days work is pretty ridiculous, but testament, I think, to how talented these guys are.

CC adds the finishing touches to the new 3D Car Workshop cake design

Anna Maria puts the iPhone cake to scale

Although slightly less glam than the world of cakes, television and media functions, we are VERY excited, at last to have our new website up and running. There have been a few hiccups since its launch two weeks ago and we are still making some final tweaks here and there, but we hope you love our new 'baby' as much as we do. Our school page has been fixed of all its bugs, and all workshops can now be booked online:

Last weekends Cookies and Cake Pops with Libby

Bride and Groom Figurines with Anna Maria

Speaking of the website, Antony has been busy designing new cakes for our online store, we'd love to hear your thoughts?


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Neon Azumi said...

Recently watched a few episodes of the tv series planet cake. And well i was totaly disgusted by this idiot women Paris ( owner ), the way she treats her staff is unforgivable. Think this women needs to wake up and realise it's her staff who are the stars of her business and not her.Only thing i see is she thinks she's the big i am, when all she really is, is a bitter miserable women with a bad attitude.

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