Saturday, October 1, 2011

For the Young At Heart

Ah, the Labour Day long weekend. While for some it heralds sleep-ins, boozy afternoons and LOTS of football, for many of us, it means something entirely different: The School Holidays.

Personally, I love the school holidays, for one thing it means loads of great kids movies - I'm not ashamed to admit it - and there is just something great about the energy that kids bring to a city, although I'm sure many public transport commuters may not agree! Regardless, I thought we would celebrate all things kids and take a look at some of the best of our children's party cakes from the last few weeks, which are often overshadowed by the more impressive, grand-scale wedding cakes.

When designing cakes for little ones, our resident designer Antony's advice is to keep things simple and clean, cute but never cutesy, and always with just a hint of quirky.


Tudor Elena Cristina said...

foarte frumos!!! Felicitari sii...spor la treaba!!!!pupici

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