Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Update 27.09.10

Friday morning's are absolutely my favourite time of the week here at PC...and no not because it's the day before Saturday! Each friday when I walk through the artist's workroom en route to my morning cuppa, I find the place completely transformed from a crazy hive of activity and chocolate, to an enchanted studio full of hand-crafted edible artworks. I never cease to be amazed by the progression of a cake from blobby-chocolatey-looking-thing to the amaaaazing cake, and last friday morning I was just floored with some of these super-cool cakes I saw.

This Buzz Lightyear not only made the special day of lucky 1 year old Lucas, but also brought a smile to the dial of some...ahem...let's just say, slightly-older-than-1-year-old's faces. I just loved this one and couldn't resist showing it off to some of my friends over the weekend, several of whom have declared they want the exact same one for their next birthday celebrations!
Now, while we don't usually condone gratuitous nudity and excessive drinking (annual staff party excluded of course!) I just love this beer-guzzling bovine Margie made for a 21st Birthday last week.

Never to be outdone by the novelty cakes, Adam and Anna Maria have been creating some gorgeous, classic wedding and christening cakes over the last week too.
LOVE the Funky couple, adding a little bit of whimsical to the classical, a bit like the PC crew themselves, come to think of it.


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