Monday, September 27, 2010

Chocolate Passion

Once again, this weekend's Chocolate Passion was a huge success, and we saw some of the best finished chocolate cakes we've ever seen walk out the door on Sunday. Well done guys!


Ju said...

OMG, when I see the cakes that you guys make I even feel like crying. I got married a month ago, in Brazil and my cake was the ugliest thing ever. I looked in your website so many times, imagining that on my wedding day I'd have a cake just as beautiful as the ones you guys created. I was very sure that you wouldn't ship one to Brazil!!
To cut the story short, I had the most awful cake anyone can imagine, so ugly that my husband nearly cried after the wedding because of the monstreosity of our cake. He was so upset that made me feel like it was my fault.
I'll never be able to have my dream cake again, but at least I can come here to check the most beautiful cakes that will make someone day so special!!
Maybe I even make the first bite course, just to learn to make it myself!

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