Friday, August 6, 2010

Planet Cake weekly update 06.08.10

Well what a week, after just a two week hiatus I have returned to almost too much fabulousness to handle! As always at Planet Cake, when it rains it pours and so really we shouldn't have been surprised when we were inundated with amazing cake orders the very same week we began Novelty marathon in Syndey aswell as having Anna Maria in Brisvegas...phew. But never fear, this week Margie and Adam powered through with a little help from Jasmine and of course Emma, who on seeing the guys up to their neck in cake, rolled up her sleeves and headed into the kitchen to get her ganache go girl! I love this pic because I think it really sums up the guys here, always willing to jump in and help out, even if it means getting a little dirty.

Jess and her Handbag class

Just another day in the kitchen

Unless you've been living under a rock, one could hardly fail to notice the i-Phone 4 phenomenon that has swept the country in the last couple weeks. PC jumped on board the bandwagon and created this unbelievable cake for Telstra last week, in record time after receiving a last minute request. And yep, that IS a 1m ruler next to it, just to give you an idea of the size of this thing!

...And not to mention these awesome creations from the week, I have to admit the crab is absolutely my personal favourite for the week.

Now you're probably pretty sick of me telling you how fabulous we are all the time, so it is with great pleasure that I let two of our recent students do the talking for me. Caroline Roessier who writes for Notebook Magazine gave us a great write up on her time here with Jessica and Paris on her blog:

...while I came in this morning to find this lovely email from one of yesteraday's students:

"Hello all, wanted to say thanks for another great day today. The handbag was really good fun to make and I'll definately practice this one a little more, it's bound to be a hit with my friends and family..."


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