Friday, August 20, 2010

Planet Cake do Australia

Our staff have been busy jetting all over the country this month and I am delighted to share some of the amazing talent we've been witness to with you.

First up, we had our final workshop for the year in Perth -don't worry if you missed out we will be back in 2011 (unfortunately it gets a little too hot in our Perth venue during the summer months and there's nothing worse than runny, melty, sticky chocolate cake all over the place!)

Running a course for the first time is always a little bit nerve wracking, especially when we're doing it away from our Sydney headquarters. This month we ran a brand new workshop in Melbourne, and, I am pleased as punch to report, to great success. Anna Maria held our first Basics 107 Vase Cakeand all of the cakes were amazing. it's always such a treat to see the way each student adds their own personal spin on our designs and really makes it their own.

Not to be outdone here in Sydney, we held the Novelty Panda Workshop...P.S. Just wait 'till you see the Realistic Dogs from today's class!


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