Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hello Everyone

Sydneysiders I hope you are enjoying the heat! It is about 34 degrees and windy, I think Anna Maria’s edible decoration students had the right idea and stayed out of the heat and in the lovely air-conditioned environment of Planet Cake making some stunning Christmas decorations with Anna Maria today.

While the class was going on I was charged with the responsibility of delivering the Paspaley Polo cake to Centennial Park, this is the part of cake decorating that most people don’t think of when you think of cakes – the logistics. On a scale of 1-10 this delivery was definitely a 9. John my delivery driver and I had to walk the cake in (it is at least 1.3 meters high) in the baking heat at least half a kilometer. Apart from the incredible distance and stunning lack of assistance or help, there were other matters to contend with such as the flies and mud! After getting through the flies and mud still carrying the cake we then had to walk past the VIP marquee full of VIP’s sipping Moet, I do fear that we looked very much like sweaty delivery people covered in mud with a monster cake (funny that).

This was also the undisputed cake of the week with an incredible figurine by Margie, I doubt very much where you would see work of this kind anywhere else, the cake was a joint effort of Anna Maria and Handi – Incredible work guys, you made that delivery a lot better than it could have been.

The cakes this week were excellent and they just kept coming and coming, a gorgeous four tier by AM and designed by Antony was adored by the bride, a gorgeous cartoon figurine by Margie and lollipop cake by Handi made a graphic designers dream come true by bringing her illustration to life. The crazy scuba divers were created by Margie and cake by Handi the cake was flown to Brisbane, and my favourite this incredible 3D banana made by Margie for 7yo Finlay’s gorilla party – just awesome! Margies realistic bicycle and rider, was absolutely incredible and perfect for celebrating this kiwis sporting milestone of riding with the Italian Cycling Team.

Charity Cupcake Drive: Next Sunday is our annual Charity Cupcake Drive, we have already received 60 volunteer registrations. On Tuesday the football players Ryan Okeefe (Swans), Anthony Watamough (Manly) and Jude Bolton (Swans) came to Planet Cake to promote the Charity Cupcake Drive to the Media.

Apart from the media coverage and the support from the likes of these fabulous 3 we have had an incredible response to the drive. This year I have started a Blog which will be covering the lead up to the drive and the results. Check out

Apart from a busy week Anna Maria was giving a private Madhatter tutorial to our latest student Abby, who has travelled all the way from Ireland especially for Planet Cake’s teaching. A fine result from Abby and a big thank you to Anna Maria.

Next posting 20.12.08 - then CC Drive!

Have a great week


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