Friday, July 15, 2011

Planet Cake for Lady Gaga

Sometime around midday on Tuesday we received the call asking us to provide a cake for Lady Gaga’s Sydney show. Um, can you say A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y?! For tomorrow? No problem! Everyone was way too busy trying not to jump out of their skin to worry about something as trifling as an unrealistic deadline, and Ritzy and Naoko were all over it like a rash in a matter of minutes.

Step one, design. With our resident Antony not in the office until Thursday, we were faced with the monumental decision on our own. Where does one begin to design a cake for an uber-celebrity who can consider herself a muse of John Galliano? Drawing inspiration from her dramatic arrival at Sydney airport, and the Monster Ball tour theme, a futuristic blinged out rocket was deemed the order of the day.

When paired together on a major project, Ritzy and Naoko are absolutely unstoppable, and didn’t blink twice at the notion of putting together this monumental cake in less then 24 hours. Like all big cakes, a large portion of this one was carved from Styrofoam, although, in this case both the top third of the rocket, and it’s yellow cloud were made from chocolate mud. Also, like all major cake undertakings, this one required somer serious engineering, and included a strong centre dowel, surrounded by another three for additional support, in order to avoid the entire thing caving in on itself.

In their usual resourceful fashion, the girls constructed the cloud from cotton stretched-out cotton wool, before pulling apart a disco ball in order to create the space-ship detailing. Gotta love the originality.

The entire rocket was then airbuished before being finished with loads of glitter, general bling (never ones to shy away from a bit of bling factor) and of course, Ritzy's realistic figurine. Thoseslightly stressed-looking guys you can see in the background are our delivery driver (it was seriously down to the wire on this one) and John, our PR guy, waiting to escort the cake to the Lady herself.



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