Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update 19.03.11

Feeling uninspired by the rain? So were we. Instead of letting this damp weather get us down we decided on a little 'Springtime' this autumn. Get inspired by the gorgeous Springtime cake this week's Basic Intermediate class came up with!

If that's not enough to inspire you then hopefully these pics of our guys at the annual Taste of Sydney will! We had a fabulous time rubbing shoulders with some of Sydney's most famous chefs, oh and the food wasn't too bad either! Most of all though, as you all know, we love nothing more than converting the skeptical into total cupcake fans...mission accomplished.

Masterchef's Manu gets into the cupcake spirit 

 Anna Maria, Yasmina and Neen get ready for the masses

Anna Maria and Manu

Antony getting his cupcake on

Jess and I model our new outfits 

A couple of weeks ago we made a fabulous cake for the launch of Maria Venuti's book, and this week we were thrilled when she also asked us to design her 70th birthday cake. Antony had a ball and absolutely went to town with this leopard print extravaganza, complete with bling microphone. Just faaaaaabulous daaaaarling!

This enormous cake, made for charity, Cycle for Smile was so big Margie had to accompany our delivery guy, Carlos to the venue! 

Anna Maria is teaching the uber-popular Bride and Groom Figurine class as we speak, so stay posted and I'll try and get some pics of these very cute figurines out asap.



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