Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Cakes

Well it appears that life post, world’s-biggest-freak’n-Opera-House-cake does indeed go on here at Planet Cake! I’m sure that most of you have followed the journey of the cake, its tears, tantrums and tiara’s (and if you haven’t then get out from under that rock! ) so I thought I would just take a quick moment today to show you some of the other things that have been going on around here lately.

Last week was equal parts challenging and rewarding and we’re still chasing our tails this week trying to catch up (you should see Emma’s inbox, scary doesn’t even begin to sum it up). Never ones to be slowed down by something as trifling as twenty volunteers packed into the studio and a full classroom, we even managed to squeeze out a cake or two. It was a little like trying to eat a meal on an airplane with the lack of elbow space but the guys were their usual brilliant selves and produced maximum results with minimum complaining (you’ve got loads more patience than I do guys!).

 We're also back in Melbourne this month for one last hurrah before we wind-up our interstate workshops for 2011. Last week Adam managed to not melt into a pool of ganache while he taught Basics Foundation, and this week Jess has landed to some considerably cooler weather this week.

In Sydney last weekend we held the uber-popular Shoe box and Stiletto workshop, with none other than the shoe-mad Anna Maria. Fabulous work gals!


serena said...

Your jobs is wonderful!!!!!!

Patsy & Amy said...

I wish I could join the Shoe box and Stiletto workshop one day.

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