Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We are inviting 20 volunteers from around Australia to spend a week at Planet Cake to help us make the world’s largest Opera House cake, arguably one of the most difficult buildings to replicate. The cake will be made for Australia Day when it will be presented at an official ceremony in Sydney. Planet Cake will close down our kitchen for the construction of this enormous cake and Planet Cake staff together will our volunteers will be making the cake over an entire week from the 19th-26th January 2011.

Criteria for volunteer applicants

We will be taking mixed skills sets from beginners to advanced students and we require that all decorators have attended a Planet Cake workshop.

Please submit to us in writing at the following:

1.Personal Details: Name, Phone, Address, Business Name (if applicable)
2.List of the Planet Cake Workshops you have attended (mandatory)
3.A brief of your strongest cake decorating skills
4. 4 photo examples of cakes you have decorated
5. Paragraph explaining the reason why you would like to be part of the project and what you hope to achieve from the experience.
6. Finally tell us what you can personally bring to the team that would make us want to hire you on the spot!

You may be phoned by Planet Cake for further information; all successful applicants will be announced on 1.12.10

There is no direct charge to you by Planet Cake to participate in the project
You will bear all incidentals, meal, travel and accommodation costs.
You will be required to attend the entire week 19th – 26th January
We will be holding an orientation meeting on the 18th January (mandatory)
The construction of the cake will be filmed; in participating you would be granting your permission to be part of the projects documentation.
All volunteers and Planet Cake staff will be given special team t-shirts commemorating the event

Give it a go!! It promises to be one of the most exciting projects Planet Cake has ever hosted and you could be a part of it!!


cupcake said...

oh man, so excited, application on its way!!!!!

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