Friday, July 16, 2010

Glitz and Glamour at PC

While winter time for many conjures up images of wooly scarves, chapped lips, roaring fires and marshmallows, here at Planet Cake winter means two things: Roses with Greg Cleary and lots of very cool novelty cakes as wedding cakes are forgotten until spring.

Okay, I know I've been slack of late in posting pictures of cakes, getting carried away with all the excitement of the workshop marathons, so let's dive straight into it with some of the cooler cakes which have come our way the last few weeks:

As promised last week, as I was dahing off to apply some lippy and sip on some bubbly, here are the pics from the annual Planet Cake Awards Night, 2010. Here at PC we work hard all youe round and the Summer months are some of our busiest, so come July we frock up and step out in style to celebrate all the cake-fabulousness from the year gone. Employee of the Year this year was taken out by Production and Events Manager Emma Aboud, who with her faultless running of the administration side of things is the one responsible behind the scenes for all the magic you see here. Following hot on her heels with runner up was Queen of the Madhatter and Creator of Cupcakes, Anna Maria Roche.

After being picked up by our very own limo's, amidst the squeals of excitement (mostly from Handi) we were whisked away to our secret location, revealed only on arrival to be none other than...

The staff at Justin North's restaurant, Becasse treated us to a truly spectacular evening and we ate (oh how we ate!), drank and were our general merry selves...

The table roses were red
Ant's shoes were blue (okay they were more violet)
The dessert was sweet
Bet you wish you were there too?!

And all the lovely ladies

There were a few sore heads come Friday morning, however it was business as usual, so (with the music a touch lower than we would normally have it) we launched straight into Roses, Roses, Roses with Greg Cleary. For those of you who have not heard of him, Greg is one of the most renound flower makers in the cake decorating industry, and while based in Brisbane, teaches here at our Balmain studio on occasion. Several of our own staff took part in Greg's three day workshop and a certain member of the team was so taken with her newly acquired skills, she could be still be seen here late into the night because she simply couldn't get enough!


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