Thursday, May 27, 2010

Planet Cake Weekly Update 27.05.10

Yep it sure is great to have Margie back in the studio. After a long time working on our up-and-coming book Margie is back better than ever and weaving her old magic.

It's a little different to our usual style but we really enjoyed the chance to work a slightly more organic-style cake. This six tier extravaganza was created for a celebrity who was so VIP the identity wasn't revealed even to us! With two tiers made from styro and the rest from cake this thing weighed a tonne, stood well over a meter high and just about gave our delivery driver Carlos heart failure.

Anna-Maria made this stunning black and white cake using the brush-emrboidery technique
Interested in learning it? AM teaches this specialised technique in her Advanced Piping Workshop

An example of our amazing teamwork
Cutting, ganaching and covering by Adam
Lettering by AM
Airbrushing by Margie



woauuuuuuuuu, felicitari, super frumoase creatii

Marianne's Sweet Delights said...

Amazing as always!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the biker

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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