Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hi All!

We’ve been a bunch of busy little beavers here at the Planet Cake Lodge getting ready for the TASTE of Sydney festival (starting tonight) and we absolutely can’t wait to see you all there! So make sure you drop by Centennial Park this weekend and pick up a free cupcake, what’s not to love?

Adam and Emma preparing hundreds (and hundreds more) cupcakes for TASTE

Last week we were very excited to provide our good friends Larry and Kylie at Channel 7’s the Morning Show with a fabulous telephone cake to help celebrate 134 years of the telephone.

To see the clip head to the Channel 7 Morning Show website:

Now after all my talk of cool cakes last week, things began to heat up a little in the kitchen this week, starting with this amazing chilli cake

It may be Autumn outside but it was positively blooming in here last week as students attended Tropical Sugar Flowers with Anna Maria

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead here with Jessica taking her very first Chocolate Passion class (we just can’t wait to see the results!) and the rest of the crew at TASTE, so be sure to stay tuned next week to find out how it all went!


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