Friday, June 12, 2009

Update - Week Ending

Watch out for our appearance on 60 minutes this Sunday
7:30pm 14/7/09 - Domestic Goddess Story.

This last week we have done a number of promo cakes, including one of the best cakes I have seen for some time. We also have also had visitor this week which wass exciting, we all got to work with Mathew Lindsay who has completed all of our courses in Melbourne (I think he likes us) and came up to Sydney to spend a week up here, it was great to have him join us in the production kitchen.

First up is a Baby Shower Cake made for a celebrity, so cute I think we may have a thousand orders based on this one!

This cake below has been in the pipeline for some time and was created for the opening night of Steel Magnolia’s (the play) which I believe Margie & Steve attended, this cake has the sort of magic that makes me go weak at the knees, I think that feeling comes from knowing that it would be the best of its kind in the world – congratulations Margie! Oh yes I forgot to mention the cake inside is white chocolate cake dyed red, eeewwwwwww!

I am not finished yet, this realistic figurine (based on the birthday girl) of Alice in Wonderland, took my breath away, Margie’s figurines are sensational, much to my frustration I cannot find a photo of the girl so you could really see the magic of Margie’s work.

The problem with having so many good cakes in one week is we get to the others and its kinda like ‘oh yeah and then there are these’ we kind of forget how brilliant they still are!


SweetThings said...

I really look forward to you weekly round up - everything is just soooo amazing!

Marianne said...

I'm really looking forward to watching you guys tonight on 60 Minutes.

I'm a big fan of 'Master Chef Australia'...when will you guys be featuring on the show?

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