Saturday, March 14, 2009

Planet Cake Update - Week Ending 14.03.09

It has been and incredibly busy and exciting week at Planet Cake this week with good and bad news. The good news is that I have been informed by Murdoch Books that the Planet Cake book has completely sold out, in 2 weeks. The bad news is that for the next month the book will not be available until the next order arrives from the printer in about a month!

If you wish to get a copy and have not been able to I would either pre-order with a company like Shearers Bookstore or your local bookstore to ensure you get a book when the order arrives in.

Handi is teaching Bascis 106 (Springtime) all weekend with gorgeous students Melanie, Dee & Winnie, I cannot wait to see the results.

Handi has had a very busy week organising his trip to Melbourne but he has also been teaching and making cakes. Margie took this photo of him with his calla lily cake as example of how many time decorators start dressing to match their cakes! Also a gorgeous black and white cake with the bride and groom wearing matching cycling outfits - cute!

Anna Maria had a busy week teaching Bascis 104 (the tea pot) to a fabulous groups of students who all did brilliantly, check out the results! She also had time to make a number of props and this gorgeous lily of the valley design (design originated somewhere else).

Margies week seemed to be a lot about sports and 1969! The baseball was for an ex-pro player who happens to reside in Sydney, hand painted with his nickname it was delivered to him on his birthday as a surprise gift from his wife. The football was for a very serious AFL supporter and the 1969 cake was for a fabulous birthday party, you can guess the theme. This photo does not do justice to the shoes which Margie made which were covered with edible glitter.

Thank you for the Magic!


lyndsay said...

i love the teapots!!! so cute!!

ice tea: sugar high said...

Hi Paris..
I just published a blog entry for last week's course.. thanks again and hope to see you in the next courses..

Sydney, Australia said...

Hi Paris
Great book. Shame about website and service being crap! The snotty man who answers your phone needs some customer service training!!

Unhappy customer

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