Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoot the Chef - Cake Kick

We are thrilled to be included as one of the 10 finalists for the infamous Shoot the Chef photography exhibition. Featuring our very own champion kick boxer, chocolatier and pastry chef, Jessica Pedemont. I am sure you will agree its an exciting take on wedding cakes and just quietly I think all cake decorators have wanted to do this at least once! Therefore this was a kind of fantasy come true at Planet Cake, and a surprise to the general public, that cake decorators can be strong, confident and...... assertive!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chocolate Passion

Once again, this weekend's Chocolate Passion was a huge success, and we saw some of the best finished chocolate cakes we've ever seen walk out the door on Sunday. Well done guys!

Weekly Update 27.09.10

Friday morning's are absolutely my favourite time of the week here at PC...and no not because it's the day before Saturday! Each friday when I walk through the artist's workroom en route to my morning cuppa, I find the place completely transformed from a crazy hive of activity and chocolate, to an enchanted studio full of hand-crafted edible artworks. I never cease to be amazed by the progression of a cake from blobby-chocolatey-looking-thing to the amaaaazing cake, and last friday morning I was just floored with some of these super-cool cakes I saw.

This Buzz Lightyear not only made the special day of lucky 1 year old Lucas, but also brought a smile to the dial of some...ahem...let's just say, slightly-older-than-1-year-old's faces. I just loved this one and couldn't resist showing it off to some of my friends over the weekend, several of whom have declared they want the exact same one for their next birthday celebrations!
Now, while we don't usually condone gratuitous nudity and excessive drinking (annual staff party excluded of course!) I just love this beer-guzzling bovine Margie made for a 21st Birthday last week.

Never to be outdone by the novelty cakes, Adam and Anna Maria have been creating some gorgeous, classic wedding and christening cakes over the last week too.
LOVE the Funky couple, adding a little bit of whimsical to the classical, a bit like the PC crew themselves, come to think of it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

As promised, the Planet Cake team (from left: Adam, Anna Maria, Antony, Thea, Betty, Cat & Jessica) with Emma, her new hubbie and that amazing cake!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Worlds Largest Opera House Cake 2011

Planet Cake is creating the worlds largest Opera House cake
for Australia Day 2011 and we need your help!

We have always wanted to make a titanic cake, if only to challenge ourselves and see if we could do it. However we decided to up the ante and not only create a giant cake but a Sydney icon, the Sydney Opera House.

We are inviting 20 volunteers from around Australia to help us make the worlds largest Opera House cake, arguably one of the most difficult buildings to replicate. The cake will be made for Australia Day when it will be presented at an official ceremony in Sydney (TBA)

Planet Cake will close down our kitchen for the construction of this enourmous cake and Planet Cake staff together will our volunteers will be making the cake over an entire week from the 19th-26th January 2011. The contruction of the cake will be filmed and all volunteers and Planet Cake staff will wear special team t-shirts commemorating the event.

Applications: Should you wish to participate in this event as a volunteer you will be able to register from 01/11/2010 and successful applicants will be announced 01/12/10. Formal applications and criteria will be announced an available on our blog form the 01.11.10. We will be taking mixed skills sets from beginners to advanced students and will ask that all decorators have attended a Planet Cake workshop.

We are excited, nothing this big has been done in Australia for some time, if at all!

Monday, September 20, 2010


This morning I walked in the front door and was reminded how beautiful our work is...*sigh*

Planet Cake Update 20.09.10

Let me begin firstly by apologising for my late post. I've mentioned lately that spring can get a little nuts in here, and last week we were left in no doubt that the busy season is upon us. Having found myself with a precious few moments to spare this afternoon, I just couldn't wait to jump online and fill you all in on what's been going on in here. So, our week went a little something like this...

On Monday morning it was all-hands-in-ganache (I have to say the studio slightly resembled a school playground full of kids making mud pies) as we prepared for one of our record weeks, with almost 20 cakes to be made! The dawning realisation that Emma's long-awaited holiday was, in fact a reality, also became alarmingly clear to us girls in the office, with Cat and Jess literally running around in preparation for...

Beginner Bites on Tuesday morning. Running new courses is always interesting and this is one we have been really excited about. This new one-day workshop was designed as an introduction to those curious about the world of Planet Cake in digestable, bite-sized pieces. A very big thank you to all those who spent Monday running around like chooks without heads in preparation, and of course to all the students who attended, for making it such a special day.

If you're interested in Beginner Bites, head to the following link for more details and dates:


Paris and Jean-Michel check out the talent

On Wednesday, Antony, Jun and at represented the team at Sydney's Ultimate Wedding Planning Party, one of the biggest annual events on the calandar for all things bridal. A very big thank you to all those who stopped by for a caramel kiss (no, not from Antony...they're chocolate!) and a chat. We really do value the opportunity to get out there and meet with you guys, and this was no exception.

LOVE these funky's
On Thursday morning, Margie made this awesome TV cake for Channel 7's, Mel and Kochy; in record time no less; after receving the request only two days earlier (luckily our Margie can take anything in her stride!). While it may not appear that big, this cake weighed in at over 30kg! Now that is a whole lotta chocolate cake.

Now the focus this week has certainly been on the wedding cake, and on Friday we saw the end results of some really beautiful new styles. Every year, we see new trends dominating the cake scene, and this year is seeing a move toward cakes taller in size and simpler in design. Don't be fooled however, the simpler the design, the harder in fact it is to pull off...there is nowhere for the mistakes to hide!

Our very own office manager Emma celebrated her (oh-so-fabulous) wedding this weekend, with this beautiful four tier wedding cake. Now call us a little bias, but this one is our unanimous pick of the week. The actual fruit-cake inside was hand-made by Emma herself and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious (I know because I had three pieces on the night!).

Margie, Adam and Anna Maria have a bit of a Martha Stewart moment

A very big congratulations to the beautiful bride and her new husband, from the entire team here, wishing you all the absolute best!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A weekend at Planet Cake

Ever wondered how we spend our weekends here? Making cake of course! Jess and Stuart taught this week's Basics 104, the beautiful three tier Magnolia cake.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Update 10.9.10

All of our Planet Cake friends know that we are not adverse to the odd spot of renovation, and this week it has certainly been busy in here as we expand our classroom. Yep guys, it's time to get excited, because this new space is going to be just awesome! Adam and DIY queen Margie just couldn't help themselves from getting involved in the action once they saw those walls coming down...

While not auditioning for 'Better Homes and Gardens', the guys did also manage to churn out some pretty fantastic cakes, as well as conduct the speciality Shoebox Workshop and this week's Foundation Intensive.

Ah cake and shoes, does it get any better?

Eveready celebrated their birthday in Planet Cake style

Adam fell in love with this Ladybird this week

A REALLY Big Cake!

Every now and again we get a request for a big cake...I mean a reeeeealy BIG cake! Burwood Westfields celebrated their 10th birthday last week with this choc mud cake, which needed to be big enough to feed 300 people!
This humongous cake measured 40'' by 40'' and took a team of four just to get out the door and into our delivery guy's van (sorry Carlos!). To make matters even tricker, one of the hinges chose that very same moment to break, leaving Emma and Margie outside in the (very cool) morning air to screw it back into place. Ah but it's all just part of the fun here at Planet Cake!

Ultimate Wedding Planning Party

That's right, it's that time of year again (already!) for Planet Cake to make our annual appearance at the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party.
If you're getting married, know someone getting married, or just love weddings, the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party at Opera Point Marquee is Sydney's number one show case for all things bridal. Antony will be there for the day time session (12pm-2pm) and the lovely Cat in the evening (6pm-9pm) to answer all your questions and provide you with plenty of yummy cake samples. Even more exciting, this year we will be giving away a $500 voucher to one lucky attendee.

To purchase your ticket, or for more information head to:


Friday, September 3, 2010

Chocolate Passion with Jessica

If you're interested in chocolate but not quite ready for Chocolate Passion, you may like to check out Jessica's new course Chocolate Fundamentals....hmmm all this chocolate talk is just about making me drool over the keyboard!